About FinestRemit.app

Finest Remit is an app that allows one to easily compare exchange rates and fees across different money transfer providers.


Provide the average person with the best-in-class comparison of remittance fees and exchange rates.

Background (Origin Story)

I am a regular remitter currently living abroad, and I built FinestRemit.App to facilitate comparison of different remittance services. Here is why:

Back in January 2022, I needed to send money back home to my family and rather than stick to the usual remittance service I normally use, I decided to look around in a bid to find a better service. I was surprised to find that the rates and fees charged varied widely, and the gap between the best and worst rate were significant enough that sending money using the worst rate would have resulted in a loss of about £150. This gap was surprising as £150 in a developing country (where I was sending the money to) is a lot! and goes a long way.

Having experienced first-hand, the gap in the fluctuating fees and rates charged by different money transfer providers, I built a script one Saturday afternoon that whenever run, scraped the sites of these providers, compared them, and told me which one had the best exchange rate. As the script I had built was very useful to me due to the invaluable insight it gave, I wondered how many expats (like me) who regularly sent money back home would also find a script/solution like this useful. To make my solution more accessible to the average person with no programming skills, I decided to build it into a mobile app, and thus, FinestRemit.App came to be.

- Issa Nimaga


Whilst FinestRemit.app is built by a one-man “team”, the current version of the app is the product of help, advice and feedback received from the amazing people below:

  • Salhin Langhi & Salman Farooq: Helped with naming the project/app, and offered feedback on the initial logo design

  • Salman Farooq: Offered feedback and helped review the app explainer trailer

  • Ritche Tison: Offered feedback on implementation of the “Simulation Mode” withing the app

Other credits/attributions

  • The Open source community
  • Fontawesome
  • Flaticon
  • Unsplash

If you have any ideas or feature recommendations for improving the app then please feel free to email me your suggestions at [email protected]